FXCMPY Python Wrapper

FXCM provides a RESTful API to interact with its trading platform. Among others, it allows the retrieval of historical data as well as of streaming data. In addition, it allows to place different types of orders and to read out account information. The overall goal is to allow the implementation automated, algortithmic trading programs. fxcmpy.py is a Python wrapper package for that API.

Demo Account

To get started with the the API and the package, a demo account with FXCM is sufficient. You can open such an account under https://www.fxcm.com/uk/forex-trading-demo/.

Package Installation

Installation happens via pip install on the command line.

pip install fxcmpy

API Token

To connect to the API, you need an API token that you can create or revoke from within your (demo) account in Trading Station.

In an interactive context, you can use e.g. a variable called TOKEN to reference your unique API token.

Connecting to the server, then boils down to the following line of code.

con = fxcmpy.fxcmpy(access_token=TOKEN, log_level='error')

Configuration file

It is recommended to store the API token in a configuration file which allows for re-usability and hides the token on the GUI level. The file should contain the following lines.

log_level = error
access_token = YOUR_FXCM_API_TOKEN

It is assumed onwards that this file is in the current working directory and that its name is fxcm.cfg.

With such a configuration file in the current working directory, only the filename need to be passed as a parameter to connect to the API.

con = fxcmpy.fxcmpy(config_file='fxcm.cfg')


fxcmpy wrapper Sample Code

  1. EMA Crossover Strategy.ipynb
  2. Real-Time SMA Crossover Strategy.ipynb
  3. EMA Crossover Strategy and Backtest-checkpoint.ipynb
  4. Hull Moving Average Strategy.ipynb
  5. Bollinger Band Backtest Part 1.ipynb
  6. Bollinger Band Backtest Part 2.ipynb
  7. EMA Crossover Strategy backtest.py
  8. Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation.ipynb
  9. Stochastic Strategy Backtest.py
  10. BB ADX Range Strategy.py
  11. Bitcoin Breakout Strategy.py
  12. Python Strategy Template.py
  13. RSI Range Strategy with Trading Time Range.py
  14. RSI Range Strategy.py
  15. RSI with SMA Trend Filter.py
  16. SMA Crossover Strategy.py


This is for personal use and abides by our EULA. For more information, you may contact us at api@fxcm.com


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